Draft Maybury Peace Park/Chinaman’s Hollow Masterplan

Submissions closing on 23 May 2021, 5:00PM

Image of Maybury Peace Park

The draft Maybury Peace Park/Chinaman’s Hollow Masterplan was developed using feedback received through a community survey and stakeholder workshops held in late 2020. 

Highlights in the draft Masterplan are outlined below.

Maybury Peace Park
  • Playground upgrade
  • Fencing of the northern boundary of the playground
  • Upgrade existing amenity building as required
  • Upgraded or new pedestrian bridge towards Hebburn Estate
  • Memorial walk through historical trees
  • Ecological communities trail along the creek and improving the creeks health
  • Improvements to the pedestrian underpass between Maybury Peace Park and Chinaman’s Hollow
  • Future carparking opportunities off Date Avenue
  • Public Art
 Chinaman's Hollow
  • Fenced regional playground, toilets and café
  • Pedestrian bridge from Cessnock Road connecting to the new playground 
  • Outdoor fitness equipment and fitness loop
  • A new cricket amenity building, three bay cricket practice nets, sporting field irrigation and floodlights
  • Multipurpose court and rebound wall
  • Fenced off leash dog exercise area
  • Improved and expanded carparking
  • Large pavilion with BBQ facilities and additional picnic settings
  • Improvements to creek with sandstone edging and tree plantings


Maybury Peace Park/Chinaman’s Hollow is a Regional Park located at 122 Cessnock Road, Weston. The park is 7.33 Ha and is divided by Cessnock Road, with northern portion of the Park being Chinaman’s Hollow, and the southern portion of the Park known as Maybury Peace Park (see image below).

The two sites are connected by the Chinaman’s Hollow and Maybury Peace Park Trail, a 2.5km shared pathway. Each site has unique qualities and offerings as outlined below.

Maybury Peace Park

Maybury Peace Park includes a regional playground, water feature pond, grass areas, sheltered picnic settings, BBQ’s, toilet facilities and carparking. There are Memorial plaques located throughout the site and deciduous trees that provide a showcase of colour during the Spring and Autumn months.

Chinaman’s Hollow

Chinaman’s Hollow is a predominantly passive park with a picket-fenced cricket oval situated in the western portion. The park includes walking trails, picnic shelters, BBQ's, toilet facilities, and carparking. The terrain is undulating with flat areas bordered by creeks and gullies. Pockets of Endangered Ecological Communities (EEC) are interspersed throughout the site and mostly associated with the creek lines.

Aerial image of Maybury Peace Park and Chinaman's Hollow

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A Masterplan provides a vision for the future development of an area or site.

The purpose of the Masterplan is to:

  • Provide a clear vision on the future amenity and character of the site;
  • Provide guidance on the type, form and phasing of improvements and development within the site; and
  • Plan for development that can occur in a realistic and achievable manner. 

The previous Masterplan adopted in 2006 has now been implemented. It's time to develop a new strategic vision for the space that considers our population growth and change in needs.

The adopted works will be completed in stages, as funding becomes available. Partnerships with user groups, grant funding and S7.11 developer contributions, where appropriate, will support the implementation of the Masterplan.