Development Control Plan Review - The Vintage

Submissions closing on 20 September 2021, 5:00PM

Artist's impression of The Vintage

We're undertaking a comprehensive review of the Cessnock Development Control Plan and are proposing changes to The Vintage Development Control Plan.

The Vintage incorporates a mix of tourist and visitor accommodation, residential accommodation, indoor and outdoor recreation including an 18-hole golf course, and other uses.

The key changes are set out below:

Updated master plan to include Vintage Balance Lands & Beggars Ridge developments

The master plan has been updated to include the Vintage Balance Lands and Beggars Ridge developments.  These areas are the result of amendment 18 of the Cessnock Local Environment Plan (LEP).

Beggars Ridge, located on the corner of McDonalds and Coulson Roads, is a vineyard tourist accommodation precinct. No residential development is permitted in the Beggars Ridge Vineyard Tourist Accommodation Precinct.

Vintage Balance Lands is located to the east along Wine Country Drive and Palmers Lane and includes mixed land uses as outlined in the master plan.

Image of The Vintage, Hunter Valley master plan(PNG, 1MB)

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Staging of development plan

The staging of development plan has been removed. There is adequate direction on when components of the development should occur under clause 7.11A of the Cessnock LEP and servicing will dictate which areas of the Vintage are developed.

Residential flats buildings

Residential flat buildings are an additional permitted use on part of the Vintage under Schedule 1 of the Cessnock LEP.

They will be limited to 14.0m in height and assessed under the State Environmental Planning Policy 65 (Residential Flat Buildings) and the Apartment Design Guide.

Removal of various controls

Various controls have been removed where these policies exist outside the Development Control Plan or there are adequate regulations elsewhere to control these activities. These include:

  • erosion and sediment controls
  • Aboriginal archaeology
  • maintenance of public roads

Landscape and architectural guidelines

The landscape and architectural guidelines for the Vintage have been removed and replaced with a hyperlink to the document located on Council’s website.

More information

The proposed amendments to the Development Control Plan forms part of our commitment to increasing tourism opportunities and visitation in the area, and making Council more responsive to the community through civic leadership and effective governance, key objectives of the Cessnock 2027 Community Strategic Plan

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