2020-25 Waste and Resource Recovery Management Strategy

Submissions closed on 08 April 2020, 06:00 PM

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To ensure the well-being of Council staff and the community, all planned community drop-in sessions for the Draft 2020-25 Waste & Resource Strategy have been cancelled.

The aim of the Draft 2020-25 Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy is to provide a sustainable cost effective waste service to the Cessnock community, while prioritising waste minimisation and complying with environmental, safety and legislative obligations. The Strategy provides a clear direction for the management of waste during the next five year period and a pathway for the future.

The main objectives of the Strategy are to:

  • increase waste diversion from landfill through greater resource recovery
  • change community waste generation and disposal behaviours by encouraging waste avoidance and a circular economy
  • reduce litter and illegal dumping in our bushland areas
  • improve services to manage problem wastes
  • deliver efficient waste services to the community

More information

As part of the process of preparing the draft 2020-25 Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy, Council conducted a community survey (in May 2019) and had an Options Report on best practice waste services prepared:

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