Melanie Dagg

Councillor - Ward C

Photo of Councillor Melanie Dagg

Councillor Melanie Dagg grew up in Cessnock, attending West Cessnock Public School, Mount View High School and later St Marys in Maitland. During her working life she has worked in the hospitality and legal industries. She now lives in Branxton with her husband Josh and their two gorgeous girls Amelia and Eliza. 

Melanie has always harboured a passion for music, trying her hand at a number of instruments including piano, violin, guitar and cello and is also a classically trained singer. She is a keen tennis player, although regrettably does not have as much time for games these days. 

Melanie has been heavily involved with a number of community and sporting groups, most notably the Greta-Branxton Cricket Club for whom she served as their Secretary/Treasurer for six years. It’s this desire to serve her community that drove her to run for Council. As a young mum, she became increasingly concerned with creating a more liveable, healthy and connected society for her girls, and the rest of the community. 

Melanie likes to consider herself a “do-er”, and if she sees a problem will do what she can to fix it, rather than complain and wait for someone else to deal with it. She hopes that she will have a positive influence during her time on Council by instilling greater confidence in the community of their elected representatives, and most importantly delivering the needs and wants of this wonderful city.