John Fagg

Councillor - Ward C

Photo of Councillor John Fagg

Councillor John Fagg grew up near Cessnock in Scotland, emigrating to Australia in 2004. John and his wife bought an accommodation business in the Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA) where they now live and enjoy a rural life.

John studied in Glasgow specialising in electrical engineering and interior and exterior lighting design systems. As a member of the Institute of Chartered Engineers, John also took on a two year term as secretary for the Chartered Institute of Building Services Division.

Now an Aussie, John hopes his experience in a Scottish regional government will allow him to give something back to Australia through serving the community.  John is committed to assisting in improving Council’s efficiency and believes serving Council is a great way to be community directed despite it being challenging at times.

He strives to drive decision making that strikes a balance of good and fair decisions for all whom he represents.  John is focussed on keeping the Cessnock LGA in a strong position in the broader Hunter Region, especially for all current employment along with fluid employment ideas for the future. All jobs are important below ground, above ground or in the air. The traditions of the Cessnock people must always be considered.