Dianne Fitzgibbon

Councillor - Ward B

Photo of Councillor Di Fitzgibbon

Councillor Dianne Fitzgibbon has lived in the Cessnock Local Government Area for most of her life. Dianne raised her three children here and has operated a successful business in Vincent St, Cessnock for 40 years. She loves the area and its people.

Dianne feels it’s important to grow the area and likes to encourage community pride in its uniqueness.  The beautiful Brokeback range - which is a backdrop to the area - and the close proximity of urban settlements to our fabulous vineyards, are just two strengths.

Dianne describes herself as “a glass half full” type of person, who believes if the solution for any issue were simple, then someone would have done it already. She believes in attending as many meetings and committees as possible to make sure she can make the fairest, most honest and best decision for the people she was elected to represent.  

Dianne wants our area to deliver a lifestyle which offers economic opportunity in a diverse economy. She wants the City to be a great place to live and grow a family and to be proud of.  She knows the quality of local roads and kerb and guttering in our sprawling City remain both the number one challenge and should remain the number one priority.