Conditions of entry

Freeman of the City - General information

  • No person shall be admitted as Freeman of the City of Cessnock by gift or purchase.
  • Any individual or organisation may nominate a resident of the Cessnock Local Government Area for the Freeman of the City Award to recognise that individual service or achievements.
  • Cessnock City Council may, by a resolution, passed at a meeting of Council, of which due notice has been given, admit to be Honorary Freeman of the City, persons of distinction and any person who have rendered eminent services to the City, provided that the admission of a person to be an Honorary Freeman of the City shall not confer the right of sharing in the benefit of any hereditaments, common lands or public stock of the City of the Council thereof, or any property held in whole or in part of any charitable use or trust.
  • All nominations must be confidential, and be submitted for consideration by the committee to Consider Council Initiated Awards. The Committee’s recommendations be submitted for consideration at a future meeting of Council.
  • Nominators may discuss nominations with the Mayor and the General Manager prior to submission.
  • Nominations must be submitted on the official nomination form, with a resume including details of service to the community and/or person of distinction who has rendered eminent service to the city.
  • Applications must declare any relationship between the nominee, a Councillor, or a member of Council’s staff.
  • The nominations must be supported by three referees.
  • In assessing nominations, all service attributed to paid employment will be discounted.
  • In assessing nominations, the nominee must have been involved in a range of community activities and had significant contribution to these activities.
  • The General Manager of the Cessnock City Council shall keep a list called the Freeman’s Roll, and;
  • The Council will provide a suitable insignia or prestigious identification which might be worn by the recipient on formal occasions, the appropriate device being the badge of the City of Cessnock.
  • All nominations are submitted to Council’s Committee to Consider Initiated Awards and a decision will be determined by this Committee.
  • Unsuccessful nominees will be given the opportunity to be considered for an Australia day Award.
  • Forward all nominations marked “Private and Confidential” to:

    Mayor of the City of Cessnock
    Freeman of the City Awards
    Cessnock City Council
    PO Box 152, Cessnock
    NSW 2325