FINGER ON THE PULSE Advance Cessnock City has its finger on the pulse, staying up-to-date through local research and targeted community engagement activities. We believe in our business community and actively pursue activities in order to contribute to business growth, job creation and economic resilience of the region. Council’s Economic Development Unit is working towards improving the economic wellbeing of Cessnock City by focusing on strengthening local businesses, attracting investment and encouraging and facilitating economic growth. BUSINESS PARTNERSHIPS Advance Cessnock City is a strategic partnership between Cessnock City Council, local Chambers of Commerce and key business leaders across the region. The partnership was established to bring together economic development stakeholders to capitalise on our advantages as a region and to realise a shared vision of future economic resilience and prosperity in the Cessnock LGA. Advance Cessnock City leverages the combined knowledge and resources of the strategic partners to advance economic development through business growth and investment opportunities in our region. OUR OBJECTIVES • support creation of local long term and stable employment opportunities • enable and encourage diverse and long term appropriate investment in our economy • strategically diversify our current economic base to create skilled employment opportunities for the long term future • promote ongoing investment in a skilled workforce • strengthen the local economy and improve resilience through recognising the need to enhance Cessnock local government area’s amenity, image and quality of life • develop mutually beneficial cooperative partnerships across the community • respond and adapt to change and recognise future opportunities. A D VA N C E C E S S N O C K C I T Y 26 NEW RESIDENTS GUIDE For the latest business opportunities, news and support, visit advance