SPORT Here in the Cessnock LGA we are passionate about our sport and we have a variety of sport and recreation facilities across the region. Whether you’re into cricket, tennis, netball, hockey, BMX, skateboarding, athletics or football, you’re sure to find a facility that suits your needs. Council aims to continue providing high quality sport, recreation and community facilities that address the needs of current residents and future generations. If you want to host an organised sporting activity, you must obtain permission from Council prior to the event taking place. For more info, visit au/community/sport. HALLS There are many community halls throughout the Cessnock LGA which cater for social gatherings, functions, meetings, youth activities, cultural activities, local level performing arts, playgroups, martial arts and recreational activities. For a comprehensive list of halls across the region, visit community/sport/venues. CULTURAL FACILITIES With our rich cultural and social heritage, it’s no surprise the Cessnock LGA boasts a wide range of cultural facilities, offering our residents unique access to a diverse range of experiences. Our cultural facilities not only attract locals, but millions of visitors who come throughout the year to enjoy what our region has to offer. If you’re on the lookout for great entertainment look no further than the state of the art Cessnock Performing Arts Centre. For those wanting to immerse themselves in the arts, it’s worth paying a visit to the Cessnock Regional Art Gallery or Mathraville Arts and Cultural Centre which are operated by dedicated community members. To find out more, visit www. community/cultural-facilities. S P O R T S & FA C I L I T I E S NEW RESIDENTS GUIDE 21 For a full list of parks, pools and facilities check out the Community Directory in the back of this guide.