R E C O N C I L I AT I O N A C T I O N P L A N Cessnock City Council, with encouragement and support from the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Advisory Committee developed its first ever Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan in 2015. Reconciliation Australia is the endorsing body for Reconciliation Action Plans and Council along with the Committee collaborated with this organisation to develop its introductory Reconciliation Action Plan, referred to as the Reflect Plan. The Reflect Plan has allowed Council to build relationships and raise awareness within the organisation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture. With the one year Reflect Plan now complete, Council in collaboration with the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Committee is undertaking its next Reconciliation Action Plan, which Reconciliation Australia refers to as the Innovate Plan. To find out more, visit www.cessnock.nsw.gov.au/council/ policies/reconciliation-plan. NEW RESIDENTS GUIDE 13