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59/2018/4: Vineyard District Planning Project


The RU4 Primary Production Small Lots Zone was adopted by Cessnock City Council in 2011 to identify the Vineyard District at Cessnock.

On 7 November 2018, Cessnock City Council resolved (Council Minutes PE61/2018), among other things, to undertake further strategic analysis, including potentially a ‘precinct’ based approach to land use planning in the RU4 Zone. The reasoning for this approach is contained within the Council Report PE61/2018 of 7 November 2018.

Project Objective

The project will reflect the intent of the Vineyards Vision Statement to recognise and protect the primacy of viticulture in our Vineyard District and acknowledge the important economic contribution of wine tourism to the local and regional economy.

The objective of the Project is to develop a suite of clear policy outcomes for the Cessnock Vineyard’s District that allows for and considers land use differentiation between the District’s existing ‘character’ precincts.

The policy outcomes will reflect the primary intent of State and local strategies to maintain the scenic rural landscape of the Vineyard’s District and protect the primacy of the vineyards agricultural land use in the Cessnock RU4 Zone.

The project will also reflect the important economic contribution of wine tourism to the local and regional economy.

Cessnock Vineyard District Community Working Group

Council is inviting Expressions of Interest from members of the community to participate in a Vineyard District Community Working Group. The role of the Working Group is to help inform the Cessnock Vineyard District Planning Project and will not be ongoing.

Council is seeking expressions of interest from a range of landowners, viticulturalists and wine tourism professionals to obtain a broad range of views regarding the Vineyard District at Cessnock. The Working Group will contain up to fifteen people and participation is voluntary.

In order to be considered by Council, expressions of interest must be received by 5.00pm on 25 March 2019 and should quote “59/2018/4 – Vineyard District Planning Project”.  Expressions of Interest should be addressed to The General Manager and can be submitted via:  

All relevant supporting information must be attached to your completed Expressions of Interest form. 

Any enquiries should be directed to Council’s Strategic Planning section on 02 4993 4155.