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Local Environmental Plan

Cessnock Local Environmental Plan 2011

The Cessnock Local Environmental Plan 2011 (LEP 2011) came into effect on Friday 23 December 2011.

The Cessnock LEP 2011 has been prepared in accordance with the NSW State Government’s Standard Instrument (Local Environmental Plans) Order 2006, which requires local Council’s to implement a Standard Instrument LEP.  The State Government has created the Standard Instrument LEP to assist in streamlining the NSW Planning system.

The Cessnock LEP 2011 written instrument and associated mapping is available for viewing and download from the NSW Government’s legislation website.

Frequently Asked Questions about the Cessnock LEP 2011

What is a Local Environmental Plan (LEP)?

A Local Environmental Plan (LEP) is prepared by councils to guide planning decisions and control development through land use zoning and development standards.

The main function of an LEP is to separate incompatible land uses through land use zones. In addition, LEPs often include other planning provisions which set out additional planning controls or matters to consider so to guide development. For example, heritage provisions are included in LEPs to ensure heritage values are specifically considered and addressed in development assessment.

Each council in NSW is required by law to have an LEP, which is prepared by council in consultation with the community before it is approved by the Minister for Planning. The Minister for Planning grants approval in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act and its associated Regulations.

The Cessnock Local Environmental Plan (CLEP) 2011 is the main environmental planning instrument that applies to the Cessnock Local Government Area. Twenty (23) zones in addition to the Cessnock Development Control Plan (DCP) 2010 provide detailed development guidelines to supplement the CLEP.

Any person contemplating new development or seeking an explanation of the LEP or are unsure about details of the LEP are invited to visit Council to view the hard copy of the map and discuss any issues with our planning staff, alternatively the LEP can be viewed at

To talk with a Duty Officer please call Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4993 4100 or visit the Customer Services Centre between 9.00am – 10.00am and 1.00pm – 5.00pm weekdays. Please advise the Customer Service Officer of the nature of your enquiry.