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Pre DA Meetings


Before formally submitting a Development Application it is recommended that you visit Council’s Customer Service Centre at Council to discuss your proposal with the relevant Duty Officer. Duty planners are available between 9:00am and 5:00pm Monday to Friday, and duty building surveyors are available between 9.00am and 10.00am and between 1.00pm and 5pm, Monday to Friday. General advice is provided by the duty officers but more detailed written advice is available by making appropriate arrangements for a formal Pre DA meeting

The principal objective of a Pre DA Meeting is to assist you to identify and, if possible, resolve issues/constraints related to your development as early as practicable and ahead of a development application being submitted. Although Pre DA Meetings are not mandatory, consultation early in the process may identify relevant issues and avoid future conflicts.

Types of proposals suitable for a Pre DA Meeting

Council encourages you to request a Pre DA Meeting if you are proposing the following types of development:

  • Residential development (multi unit development, residential flat buildings, mixed residential/commercial development)
  • Significant subdivision proposals
  • Industrial development (other than change of use applications, and minor alterations/additions)
  • Commercial development (other than change of use applications and minor alterations/additions)
  • Other development where significant site constraints or complex issues exist (discuss with duty planner)

For more routine residential proposals, (including dual occupancy, minor industrial and commercial applications, minor rural development and advertising signs etc.) discussion with Council’s duty officers is recommended.

Objectives of Pre DA Meetings

Council has identified the following objectives of Pre DA meetings:-

  • To provide timely advice and avoid delays in the processing of development applications
  • To promote and maintain effective communication between Council and future applicants by providing open, accessible and honest communication with relevant stakeholders
  • To increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the development application process by providing accurate advice upfront, and
  • To ensure applicants have the necessary information to proceed forward with a development proposal

The Role of Council’s Pre DA Meeting

The Pre DA Meeting is intended to give consideration to the feasibility of your proposal and provide information in relation to the development assessment process. The meeting is intended to promote and encourage effective communication between Council and yourself and should facilitate the identification and clarification of issues relevant to the proposal. 

The Pre DA Meeting is led by professional staff members from Council’s Planning and Environment Directorate. Other officers with particular areas of expertise will also attend the meeting if considered relevant.

The meeting is for discussion and clarification purposes only and is not intended to pre-empt a final decision in relation to a development application, which will be the subject of a detailed assessment in accordance with the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979, Council’s planning controls and other relevant legislation.

The meetings are held each Friday morning by appointment at Council’s administration building, subject to availability.

How to apply for a Pre DA Meeting

  • Complete the Pre DA Meeting Request Form.
  • Submit the Pre DA Meeting Request Form and supporting documentation (as listed below) via email to
  • A Council officer from the Planning and Environment Group will contact you to confirm a meeting time and date. A subsequent email providing confirmation of the meeting time and date will be provided by Council.

Supporting Documentation to be made Available for the Pre Lodgement Meeting

  • Detailed written description of proposed development
  • Concept plans, including site plan and elevations (at a scale of 1:100 or 1:200)
  • Survey plan
  • If subdivision, proposed subdivision layout

Outcomes of the Pre DA Meeting

Within 10 days of the Pre DA Meeting, Council will issue a letter of advice confirming the outcomes of the meeting. This letter will identify any issues that will need to be addressed in any subsequent development application submitted to Council.