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Online Certificates


Cessnock City Council has implemented eService’s; using this online portal the customer can now order Property and Rates Certificates online.

You can order the following types of certificates online:

Section 10.7 (2) Certificate ($53.00)

A section 10.7 (2) Certificate details the zoning of the property, its relevant state, regional and local planning controls and other property issues as identified within Schedule 4 Planning Certificates of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000.

Section 10.7 (2) & (5) Certificate ($133.00)

A section 10.7 (5) Certificate is an additional certificate that cannot be purchased without also purchasing a 10.7 (2) Certificate. A 10.7 (5) certificate details additional matters that Council identifies as pertinent to the land the subject of the certificate.

Section 603 Rating Certificate ($85.00)

A section 603 Rates Certificate specifies any outstanding rates, charges or debts payable to Council in relation to a parcel of land.

Certificates as to Outstanding Notices and/or Orders ($82.00)

A certificate as to whether there are any outstanding notices or orders issued by the Council under Schedule 5 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 and Section 735A of the Local Government Act 1993 in respect of any land within the council's area.

Section 88G Certificate ($10.00 or $35.00 if an inspection is required)

A certificate that determines whether there are any outstanding monies payable to Council as a result of a positive covenant that effects the title of the property.

Urgent certificates can be processed within 24 hours online, urgency fees are outlined in Council's Fees and Charges.


To utilise the system, Customers require a login. To register for a login in please complete the form available at the link below:

Once your registration has been received you will be issued with login in details and a procedure detailing how to use the system. 

Online Certificates is an efficient service for businesses and individual customers, it provides:

  • 24 x 7 access to web services;
  • The ability to process multiple certificate types in one transaction;
  • The ability to apply for certificates on multiple properties in one transaction; and
  • A reduction in processing time.

The Online Certificates program removes the potential delays associated applying for certificates via post and email. Certificates can no longer be ordered via email, fax or mail. Council has been phasing out these methods since the 1 July 2017. 

If you require any further information please contact Council on telephone 02 4993 4100.