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Pool Fencing & Spa Requirements

Council highly recommends all swimming pools and associated child resistant barriers are installed and maintained to the most current Australian Standards. Legislatively however, swimming pool fencing requirements vary dependant on the year the pool was constructed and whether substantial works have been undertaken since the original construction date.

Contact Council or an accredited pool certifier to find out what are the requirements relating to your pool.

All new works, including replacement of fencing, gates, latches etc, of existing fences must be upgraded to current Australian Standards.

  •  The gate must open outwards (ie away from the pool)
  • The gate must be self-closing and self-latching
  • The latch on the gate must be 1500mm or greater from the ground
  • Internal pool fencing shall be 1.2m high
  • Boundary fences (that form part of the pool barrier) shall be 1.8m on the inside of the fence
  • There are to be no gaps greater than 100mm under, through or around the fence
  • Gaps between horizontal rails shall be no less than 900mm
  • A resuscitation chart is to be located within the pool enclosure in a prominent position

In addition, the following should also be implemented:

  • Never prop open the pool gate
  • Pool aids and toys should be not be left around the pool
  • Climbable objects should be removed from around the fence
  • Supervisors learn how to perform CPR Spas


A spa pool is required to comply with the same requirements that a swimming pool is subjected to. The spa must be surrounded by a child resistant barrier complying with AS1926.1-2012. Alternatively, the spa shall be covered by a child resistant lockable lid which is of substantial construction and a CPR chart must be located in a prominent position.




Fast Fact: There is no substitute for supervision! Always stay within arms-reach of children while they are in the pool enclosure.

Fast Fact: A pool fence that complies with the Australian Standards does not mean the fence is ‘child-proof’. There is no substitute to supervision!