• Draft Climate Change Policy to go on public exhibition
    In an effort to address the changing climate affecting the Cessnock Local Government Area, Council has developed a draft Climate Change Policy. The community are encouraged to provide feedback on the Policy during the public exhibition period. The draft Climate Change Policy will be on public exhibition from the 26 February until the 25 March 2020. 
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Indoor & Portable Pool Requirements

Indoor Pools

  • Doors must be fitted with a self-latching & self-closing device
  • The door must open outwards
  • The door release shall be located on the outside face of the door and shall be not less than 1500mm above the floor
  • The door is to be side hung
  • A NCZ (non-climbable zone) shall be achieved on the outside of the door
  • This zone shall be 1200mm or less above the floor
  • Pet doors shall not be placed in a child-resistant doorset

Portable/Inflatable Pools

Inflatable and portable pools are a popular option for a lot of families due to their easy set-up, low cost and affordability. But, there are dangers that all pool owners should be aware of. Inflatable and portable pools are said to be more of a risk to children than pools that have been built with fences. This is because many people are not aware that these pools may need to have fences and some are not able to be emptied after use due to their size. Because of this, children have easy access to the water in the pool, placing them at a very high risk of drowning.

The Swimming Pools Act 1992 requires all swimming pools that are capable of being filled with water to a depth of 300mm or more (including portable/inflatable pools) to have a child resistant barrier. Portable or inflatable pools that have a capacity greater than 2000L require approval. Once finished using portable or inflatable pools, empty it and store it away for later use. 

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Fast Fact: Kids drown in blow up pools too. Fence the pool, supervise, empty it and store it away every time.