• Draft Climate Change Policy to go on public exhibition
    In an effort to address the changing climate affecting the Cessnock Local Government Area, Council has developed a draft Climate Change Policy. The community are encouraged to provide feedback on the Policy during the public exhibition period. The draft Climate Change Policy will be on public exhibition from the 26 February until the 25 March 2020. 
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Buying, Selling or Renting a Property with a Swimming Pool or Spa

Buyers should be aware that when purchasing a property that includes a pool or spa, your conveyancer should ensure one of the following is attached to the contract for the sale of land:

  •  A valid Certificate of Compliance 
  • A relevant Occupation Certificate and Certificate of Registration (relating to the pool)
  • A Certificate of Non Compliance

A Certificate of Compliance or relevant Occupation Certificate is valid for three (3) years from the date of issue. A Certificate of Non-Compliance is valid for 12 months from the date of issue. Upon finalisation of sale, the new owners have 90 days to undertake all defective works as indicated on the Non-Compliance Certificate. Council may take regulatory action by way of a Notice, Direction or Penalty Infringement Notice for failure to have the matters rectified within the 90 day period.

Vendors of a property with a swimming pool or spa must have a Certificate of Non-Compliance or a Certificate of Compliance, or alternatively a valid Occupation Certificate and Certificate of Registration.

For additional information relating to Compliance Certificates please see our Swimming Pool Certificate of Compliance page.

Renting your Property that contains a Pool

If you own a rental property with a pool it is your responsibility to ensure that the pool has received a valid Certificate of Compliance before the residential tenancy agreement is entered into. The pool must be registered on the state wide swimming pool register before a Certificate of Compliance can be issued.

Fast Fact: A Certificate of Non-Compliance is only related to a property being sold. Rented properties must have a Certificate of Compliance.