• Level 2 Water Restrictions

    As a region we're experiencing the lowest water levels in our dams in over two decades. Level 2 water restrictions apply to all properties connected to Hunter Water's water supply network in the Cessnock Local Government Area.

    Cessnock, Lake Macquarie, Maitland, Newcastle, Port Stephens, Dungog and small parts of Singleton.View a map of our area of operations

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What's On

Building Inspections

Cessnock City Council provides professional Building Certification services and aims to provide efficient and cost effective building approvals, building certification and building inspection services.

What services do we offer?

The Building Assessment team can offer a range of quality building and development related services, including:

  • Issue construction certificates for all types and classes of buildings
  • Issue complying development certificates (fast-track development/construction approvals)
  • Inspection of building works during the course of construction and carry out principal certifying authority services including mandatory critical stage inspections
  • Building and development advice during the course of construction
  • Issue occupation certificates upon completion of the development or building work
  • Advisory services encompassing building approvals and certification, pre-lodgement advice, development consents and modifications to consents, building inspections and principal certifying authority services, fire safety, construction site management, compliance with development consents, legislation and the Building Code of Australia
  • Fire Safety Inspections

Why choose Cessnock City Council Building Certification Services?

  • As a part of Cessnock City Council, we have the long-term support and stability of Council that provides a high level of accountability and a strong ethic. "Cessnock Council has always been and will continue to be here for the community and our customers.”
  • Our professional Building Surveyors are accountable to the local community and are aware of local policies and development control plans (DCPs).
  • We are able to provide a full range of building approvals, building certification and inspection, and building approval advisory services to our customers.
  • We provide efficient, cost-effective and quality services. Our fees and charges are set by Council and are listed in Council's fees and charges.
  • We have a team of professional, qualified and experienced Building Surveyors who provide our services.
  • We will ensure building regulations, construction standards and relevant development consent requirements are satisfied.
  • Our professional Building Surveyors are multi-skilled professionals who also carry out assessments and issue approvals for development applications (DAs), On-site waste water disposal systems (septic tanks) and other Council approvals.
  • We have access to Council's approvals history and Council's Development Assessment officers, so we can provide effective advice and assistance on the entire development application process.

Application Forms

Please refer to the Building Application Forms and Building Guides or contact Council's Customer Service section to access various application forms and information sheets.

Service Fees

Fees for Building Certification Services are in most cases based upon Council’s value of the works or the contract price of the building works proposed. However, Cessnock Council Building Certification Services can also provide project specific fees upon request for larger scale projects.

Please telephone the Customer Service Section on 4993 4100 for a quotation of the full fees and charges for Construction Certificates, Complying Development Certificates, and building inspection/principal certifying authority services and building advisory services.