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Heritage Grants

Local Heritage Fund

Owners or managers of heritage listed properties and properties in a Heritage Conservation Area may be eligible for up to $2,000 financial assistance from the Cessnock City Council Local Heritage Fund. The fund has been provided by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage and Cessnock City Council. 

The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to owners or managers of heritage items for conservation projects, maintenance works or Building Code upgrades. 

Projects which can be funded include:

  • conservation projects;
  • maintenance works;
  • adaptive re-use projects;
  • interpretive projects; and
  • conservation management plans. 

A full list of what can be funded is provided in the Local Heritage Fund Guidelines. 

Projects need to be completed by the 15 of March 2018 in order to claim the grant.

Local Heritage Fund Guidelines

The fund will be administered in accordance with the Cessnock City Council Local Heritage Fund Guidelines. These guidelines outline the type of projects that can be funded, who can apply and how funds are to be matched. 

Local Heritage Fund Guidelines

Funding requirements

Applicants are required to match the fund on the basis of $1:$1.    

Seniors (over 65’s) pensioners and self-funded retirees are not required to match funding provided to them under this program.   Projects need to be completed by the 15 of March 2018 in order to claim the grant.

Closing date

Applications for funding close on 31 August 2017. A completed application form and supporting documents must be received by 5pm 31 August 2017. 


Completed application forms and supporting documents are to be sent to:

 Email  Post
 The General Manager  The General Manager
 Cessnock City Council  Cessnock City Council  PO Box 152
   Cessnock NSW 2325

Local Heritage Fund forms


If you require any further information, please contact Strategic Land Use Planning on telephone 02 4993 4127. 

State Heritage Emergency Works Grants

Grants under the State Heritage Emergency Works Program are open year round, subject to funding availability. The grants are for projects that avert the immediate risk of further damage to a State Heritage Registered listed items or items with an Interim Heritage Order. This funding is NOT available for Local Heritage items.