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    Cessnock City Library is offering local students a free workshop aimed at developing strategies to cope with the pressure of the HSC from 4.30 to 6.30pm on Thursday 26 July. 
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Heritage Committee

Council has a Heritage Committee that meets quarterly to discuss heritage matters impacting on the Cessnock Local Government Area. The purpose of the Heritage Committee is to increase community participation, awareness and appreciation of heritage in the local area. The primary role of the Heritage Committee is to advise the Council on how to conserve and promote heritage items and heritage conservation areas in the Cessnock Local Government Area including those listed in the Cessnock Local Environmental Plan. The Committee’s area of interest extends to both European, Aboriginal, built, movable and natural heritage.

The objectives of the Heritage Committee include:

  • Consider and make recommendations regarding heritage policy;
  • Provide advice to Council on the management of heritage by the Council (this includes reviewing council or government policies which affect heritage places in the area);
  • Make recommendation on the collection and recording of local heritage material and artifacts;
  • Make recommendations on the nomination and deletion of items on the Local Environmental Plan heritage schedule maintained by Council; and
  • Consider funding submissions to other agencies, including requests for heritage grants from the Heritage Branch and NSW Department of NSW Planning Heritage Grants program.

The Heritage Committee is not involved in the assessment of development applications affecting a heritage item or heritage conservation areas.

The minutes from each Heritage Committee Meeting are reported to Council for endorsement. The Heritage Committee consists of the Mayor, three Councilors and two community representatives. The community representatives on the Committee have a strong interest in heritage and are often representatives of Community Groups or heritage experts.

Due to the Local Government election in September 2016 Council will enter ‘care taker’ mode in mid-August 2016 and the Heritage Committee will not meet during this time.