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Noxious Weeds

Noxious Weeds are plants that you MUST control. Weeds are declared noxious because they are particularly destructive to our environment, agriculture or our health.

Failure to control Noxious Weeds may result in orders to control and or fines and or legal action.

Complete list of Noxious Weeds for Cessnock City Council

Noxious Weed Fact sheets

 African Boxthorn  

 Alligator Weed


 Bitou Bush 

 Crofton Weed

 Giant Parramatta Grass 

 Green Cestrum

 Groundsel Bush


  Long-Leaf Willow Primrose 

 Mexican Sunflower

 Mother of Millions

 Patersons Curse 

 Pampas Grass 

 Prickly Pear 

 Rhus Tree Rhus Tree 


  Smooth Tree Pear

St Johns Wort

 Tiger Pear

 Water Hyacinth