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Cessnock Waste Management Centre

The redeveloped Cessnock Waste Management Centre (CWMC) is now open. It delivers a modern, safer and more convenient facility for residents.

This page provides details on:

About the Centre

  • 1967 Old Maitland Road, Cessnock
  • Open: 7 days a week 8.45am to 4:30pm
  • Closed: Christmas Day, Good Friday and Cessnock City Council Picnic Day
  • Phone: 4993 4993 (Please call Customer Service on 4993 4100 for general enquiries)
  • Eftpos and cash accepted. Account transactions available for regular users.

Packing your load

To make your trip easier, make sure your trailer or ute is packed to allow the waste to be unloaded easily. For example, garden organics is your first stop, so it would need to be packed last and mixed waste packed first.

It is also important to secure and cover your load and make sure the weight is correctly distributed.

Navigate your way

  • All vehicles must now go over the weighbridge to dispose of waste or recyclables at the site
  • You will be given a swipe card at the weighbridge that records your transaction
  • If you are disposing of mixed waste, you will drive over an internal weighbridge. Wait until you have completely stopped and swipe your card.
  • On exit, hand in your swipe card to finalise your transaction

How much does it cost?

Every part of the waste management service whether it is recycling or landfill has a cost component. The most cost effective way to reduce the cost impact is through recycling and diverting material from landfill.

In NSW waste facilities are licenced by the NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA). As part of this licence:

  • Council must pay the NSW State Waste Levy of $141.20 for every tonne received.
  • All waste must be recorded via a weighbridge (providing accurate records and recording both waste and recyclables) and a monthly report provided to the EPA.
  • Councils current levy contribution is in the order of $7 million per year.

New minimum charges apply at the site from 1 July 2018. The minimum charges are:

  • $5 for recyclable and recoverable materials
  • $10 for mixed, special and commercial waste

Fees and charges at the site for 2018/19 are:

Type of waste Charge per tonne  Minimum charge
 Garden organics - including grass clippings  $140  $5
 Oversized trees and stumps   $360  $10
 Metal items  $140  $5
 Concrete and bricks - domestic  $140  $5
 Concrete and bricks - commercial  $410  $10
 Cardboard and commingled recyclables  $140  $5
 Mattresses   $32 each  
 Electronic waste - domestic  No charge   
 Electronic waste - commercial  $140  $10
 Motor oil  No charge  
 Mixed waste  $360  $10
 Special waste - including asbestos   $410  $10
 Tyres   $7 to $51  
 Deceased animals  $12 to $97  

Full fees and charges for mixed and separated loads at the landfill are listed in Fees and Charges.

Note: Charges include the NSW State Government Waste Levy of $141.20 / tonne. 

CWMC operates in accordance with an Environment Protection Licence, administered by the NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA). The licence requires Council to perform certain environmental monitoring to ensure the landfill is having minimal impact on the environment. To find out more visit landfill environmental monitoring.

Problem waste at the Community Recycling Centre

The Community Recycling Centre, located at the Cessnock Waste Management Centre, provides the community with a safe way to dispose of household waste, free of charge. The following items are accepted in household quantities:

  • paint, oil and water-based (in liquid form only)
  • gas cylinders
  • fire extinguishers
  • electronic waste
  • fluorescent light globes and tubes
  • car batteries
  • household batteries
  • motor oils
  • other oils
  • smoke detectors.

Greta Transfer Station

  • Accepts household waste only. No bulky goods, mattresses or commercial goods.
  • Hollingshed Street, Greta
  • Open: Monday, Thursday & Friday 2.00pm - 5.00pm; Saturday 8.00am - 12.00pm and Sunday 1.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday, Christmas, Good Friday, Cessnock City Council Picnic Day

Fees and charges for Greta Transfer Station are:

Vehicle Size  Cost
 Mobile garbage bin  $27
 Cars, station wagons  $31
 Utes, box trailer, light commercial vans  $77

Waste vouchers cannot be used at Greta Transfer Station.