• Draft Climate Change Policy to go on public exhibition
    In an effort to address the changing climate affecting the Cessnock Local Government Area, Council has developed a draft Climate Change Policy. The community are encouraged to provide feedback on the Policy during the public exhibition period. The draft Climate Change Policy will be on public exhibition from the 26 February until the 25 March 2020. 
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What's On

Waste Collection

Council operates a weekly kerbside collection service across most of the LGA. There are some areas of the LGA where a service cannot be delivered due to either physical constraints, safety or it is not economically feasible. To find out where and when services are provided click here.

The majority of our general waste bins have a red lid*. The contents of this bin are sent to landfill at council’s Waste Management Centre.

What can go in your waste bin:

  • All plastic bags, soft plastics and packaging, wrappers and bubble wrap
  • Wire, string, rope, hoses
  • All foam packaging
  • Food
  • Nappies, hygiene items and wipes
  • Pet waste and kitty litter
  • Cigarette butts
  • Treated timber
  • Laminated paper and stickers
  • Old textiles such as clothing, doonas, pillows, etc.

DO NOT place in your waste bin:

  • Car / household batteries
  • Scrap metal
  • Car / auto parts
  • Gas bottles
  • Hot ashes
  • Motor oil
  • Building materials or concrete
  • Garden waste or recyclables
  • Hazardous materials (e.g. asbestos, chemicals, paint,)
  • Medical waste

Here are some simple hints and tips for you to apply when you place your bins out for collection:

  • Always ensure that your bin is at the kerbside by 5.00am and is clear of obstructions. Council is not obliged to return to collect bins which aren’t out in time for collection. Fleet management systems (including cameras and GPS tracking) fitted in all collection vehicles can verify if the bin was out in time.
  • On collection night do not park cars in front of bins. Council will not return to service bins that are obscured by parked vehicles.
  • Always ensure that bin lids are closed. Overfilled bins causing lids to remain open will not be emptied.
  • Council will only service Cessnock City Council bins that are registered to the property address. Bins from other council areas, other properties, hardware stores, etc will not be serviced by Council.
  • Please retrieve your bin from the kerbside as soon as practicable after service.    Bins should be spaced at least one metre apart.
  • Filled bin weight must not exceed 65kg.

Your bins always remains the property of Council for the purpose of garbage disposal. They must not be used for any other purpose or removed from the original property to which it was supplied (serial numbers of bins are recorded in property files). 

What if my bin is missed or damaged:

Damaged bins are repaired free of charge. For enquiries and repairs please phone Council’s Customer Service on 4993 4100.

Stolen or vandalised bins must be reported to the Police Assistance Line on 131 444. A Police Incident Report Number is required by Council before a replacement bin can be issued. 


*some older bins may still have a dark green lid (the same colour as the body), which are being progressively phased out.