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Waste Services

 Waste Services

Council’s Waste Service aims to deliver a sustainable waste management system. In quantitative terms, Council is aiming to, as a minimum, achieve the 2014 New South Wales Waste and Resource Recovery target of 66% diversion of waste from landfill and commence achievement of the 2022 target of 70%.

Cessnock Waste Management Strategy 2014-19

Cessnock City Council (Council) has developed a Waste Management Strategy (Strategy) for 2014-2019. The process of developing the strategy has involved developing targets and objectives for this period of time, then reviewing all current waste generation trends, waste infrastructure and service characteristics to identify the means by which these objectives can be achieved. This information has been assembled in a Review Report. 

Alternative Waste Arrangements

For residents outside the waste service area alternate service arrangements are available through a self haul voucher system using the forms below.

Waste Vouchers

4 Waste Vouchers per financial year are issued to all properties where the waste service is provided. Each voucher has a nominal weight of 500kg and can only be used for domestic household waste. Vouchers cannot be used for disposing of mattresses, tyres or hazardous waste items.

Each voucher is given a unique bar code ensuring  that tip vouchers cannot be transferred. Resale of vouchers issued may result in the user being identified and the voucher rendered void.  The voucher system is designed to assist residents manage their waste disposal responsibly and abuse of this service, such as on-selling, may result in the system being withdrawn.

Further Information: 

Waste and Reuse Centre (the Landfill)

1967 Old Maitland Road Cessnock     
Waste Weighbridge Phone: 4993 4993
Reuse Centre Phone: 4991 1115
Open: 7 days a week 8.45am - 4:30,
Closed: Christmas Day, Good Friday and Cessnock City Council Picnic Day


Full fees and charges for mixed and separated loads at the landfill are listed in the following document:

 Fees and Charges

Please Note:

  • A disposal fee of $27 will apply to Mattresses
  • Cheques will no longer be accepted at the Facility. Eftpos, Cash and Account transations available.

Cessnock City Council has taken an all-around approach in reducing the amount of waste going to landfill by providing opportunities for residents to separate goods for reuse, reprocessing and recycling at the Waste and Reuse Centre.

Residents can drop off Electronic Waste, Cardboard, Glass, Lawn Clippings Engine Oil and Scrap Metal without charge. Please note gas cyclinders are not to be dropped off with scrap metal.

Users of the site are required to pass through a screening station manned by contractors from the Reuse Centre located on the site. Materials dropped-off (as requested) do not attract charge. Differential (lesser rate) pricing will apply to source separated loads of:

  • Building and demolition materials (i.e. bricks, concrete, tiles)
  • Tree and garden vegetation material.

 Click on the Map for a larger version.

Greta Transfer Station

Hollingshed Street
GRETA 2334

Accepts household waste only. No bulky goods, mattresses or commercial goods.

Open: Monday, Thursday & Friday 2.00pm - 5.00pm
Saturday 8.00am - 12.00pm
Sunday 1.00pm - 5.00pm
Closed: Tuesday, Wednesday, Christmas, Good Friday, Cessnock City Council Picnic Day