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Mobile & Temporary Food Premises

Cessnock City Council have reviewed how it manages mobile and temporary food premises trading in the Cessnock LGA to make it easier to trade locally. 

The review was focused on the following

  • Facilitate businesses to understand and fulfill their obligations
  • Improve the notification process
  • Reduce processing times and provide the ability to do so after hours or on weekends
  • Remove where possible or otherwise minimise fees and charges

Mobile & Temporary Food business requirements

  1. Register with their home jurisdiction
  2. Provide notification of their intention to trade at specific event to the relevant Council

What is 'Home Jurisdiction'?

A businesses home jurisdiction is the local government area in which you prepare or store food to be sold from the premises, or if food is not prepared or stored beforehand, the location at which you store the van or equipment to be used at the stall. If none of the above apply, the location is your business or home address.

Those with a home jurisdiction outside of Cessnock need to arrange this prior to operating within the Cessnock Local Government Area. Once this has been completed businesses must notify Cessnock City Council of their intention to trade for free. Again, inspection and associated fees may apply if we inspect at an event.

To find your home jurisdiction you can locate your Council by address on the Office of Local Government Website.

What if my home jurisdiction is interstate?

If you are from interstate, your registering council is determined by your first trading location each year. For example, if you are from Melbourne (Victoria) and the first place you trade in New South Wales is Cessnock, then Cessnock City Council will be your registering council for that year.

Registering with Cessnock

Complete & return this form. 

It should be noted that Mobile food van’s registered in Cessnock will be routinely inspected on an annual basis and subject to the administration charge. Due to the nature of Temporary Food Businesses, routine inspections are not always possible and thus the administration charge is not applicable. Any inspections conducted in the course of establishing registration, or at events in the Cessnock Local Government Area are subject to an inspection fee.

Notifying Cessnock City Council of your intent to trade within Cessnock LGA

There are now no fee’s for notification of the intent to trade in Cessnock LGA. Council have introduced an electronic form with rapid acknowledgement of successful notification via email. This has allowed us to remove the minimum processing times and allows for notification to occur outside business hours.

Complete the electronic form at the link below before trading and an email confirmation will be sent to your nominated email address. This is usually received within 30 minutes, but may take more time, please check your junk mail if you have not received it and maintain a copy as evidence of notification whilst trading (electronic or hard copy).

What you need before starting you notification of intent to trade

Before starting the notification of your intent to trade in the Cessnock LGA please make sure you have available evidence of registration with your home Council. This could be in the form of an inspection, receipt of your annual administration charge or other form of acknowledgment on Council letter head, or from a Council email.

If you don’t have this, you will need to contact your home Council to obtain before starting the notification. You will not be able to progress without it. If you only have a hard copy, a legible photograph of this can be attached. You will also be asked for a copy of the last inspection conducted of your mobile or temporary business. If you have not had an inspection completed, you can still continue although inspection by Authorised Officers of Cessnock City Council is more likely. Inspections, where conducted, attract an inspection fee.

Please make sure you answer all questions accurately. Providing false, misleading or incomplete information invalidates the notification, and trading without having provided valid Notification is an offence.

Operation in a public place

Operation in a public place, outside of an approved event (i.e. footpaths) is not currently supported by Cessnock City Council in most cases and requires separate approval under the Local Government Act.

Notification of Intent to Trade Form.

After more information?

Click here to view a helpful document on the process.