• Narelle Campbell named Cessnock’s Australia Day Ambassador
    Cessnock City Council is excited to announce Narelle Campbell as our 2018 Australia Day Ambassador, who will no doubt give an interesting address at our official Australia Day celebrations after leading four ‘over winter’ teams in the remote Australian Antarctic Territory.
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Registering your premises

All food premises, skin penetration, beauty businesses, and premises on which cooling towers or public swimming pools/spas are located must register their details with Council. To do this please complete the applicable notification form and return to Council.

Note that notification fees apply to cooling towers and public swimming pools & spas.

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Registering your food business

All retail food businesses operating within the Cessnock LGA must register their details with Council. This includes businesses operating at temporary events, mobile food vendors, child care centres, school canteens, cafes, restaurants, takeaways, hotels and home food retail businesses. For further information see:

To register a new business or to notify of any changes to business details for existing registered businesses, please complete the Food Business or Temporary Food Stall notification forms and return to Council. Note that fees apply for notification of temporary food stalls with the resulting approval being valid for 12 months.

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