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Healthy Oils


The Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA) has a significantly higher rate of cardiovascular disease death than the  NSW average*. Almost one-third of our adult population has high blood cholesterol which is an important risk factor for heart disease alongside smoking, high blood pressure, obesity and physical inactivity**.  

Cessnock City Council has a keen interest in protecting the health of the local community and in reducing the risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease.  

The Cessnock LGA Healthier Oils Program was formed in 2010 and is managed by a local working party including representatives from Cessnock City Council, the  Heart Foundation NSW, Coalfields Healthy Heartbeat (Samaritans Foundation), Peden’s Hotel and KFC Cessnock.  

It is also endorsed by the Cessnock Healthy Lifestyle Network.  

The Healthier Oils Program encourages local food businesses to permanently switch to a healthier cooking oil in the interest of heart health and in response to customer demand for healthier food choices. Environmental Health Officers from Cessnock City Council are actively working with local food businesses to make the oil change by providing information, education and incentives. 

Oil and fat facts

Oils rich in saturated and trans fats such as animal fats (lard, tallow etc) and cottonseed oil increase the risk of heart disease and stroke by raising blood cholesterol levels. Replacing them with healthier mono and polyunsaturated fats and oils lowers this risk. ‘Hi oleic’ blended vegetable oils in particular are healthy choices yet tend to be stable at high temperatures.

The Heart Foundation recommends that people replace saturated and trans fats in their diet with healthier monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fats found in nuts, avocado, oily fish like salmon and tuna and healthier oils like canola, sunflower, soybean, olive, corn and peanut oils.

This will help lower blood cholesterol levels and therefore reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. A useful factsheet is the Heart Foundation’s Healthier Oils Program 'A Guide for Food Outlets'. As a guide, healthier cooking oils should have less than 20% saturated fats and less than 1% trans fats.  

Why target food businesses?

Many people do not consider the fact that meals and snacks purchased outside the home may be contributing to their overall saturated and trans fat intake and therefore, their risk of heart disease.  ‘Cholesterol free’ oil and some vegetable oils (such as palm and coconut oil) may be high in saturated and/or trans fats, which are harmful to heart health. 

The community can ask ‘Is it time for an oil change?’

Community members are also encouraged to support the campaign by requesting their favourite local take-away, café, restaurant, pub or club use healthier cooking oils.  

Consumers can pick up an ‘Is it time for an oil change?’ postcard from Cessnock City Council or Samaritans or simply ask the owner or manager what oil they are using next time they visit the outlet.

Many activities have been undertaken for the Healthier Oils Program so far including an Official Launch, dissemination of the ‘Is it time for an oil change?’ postcard, free trial by six local food outlets of a healthier oil, video production, Rover Coaches bus advertisement, certificate presentations and presentation of the program to other Environmental Health Officers at conferences such as the Environmental Health Australia National Conference, Sydney 2015 (and trade display).

For further information on healthier oils please visit the Heart Foundation website or contact Council’s Environmental Health Officers on 02 4993 4100 with any further comments/questions. 

* From: Circulatory disease death by LGA, NSW. 2014-2015. Cessnock LGA: 209.4 deaths/100,000 population.

**  From: Australian Health Policy Collaboration. Australia’s Health Tracker 2017. 

Name and Fame! Below is a list of local food outlets participating in the Cessnock LGA Healthier Oils Program:

  1. Capers Bed & Breakfast -  WOLLOMBI
  2. Cravin' Coffee -KURRI KURRI
  3. Cessnock Basketball Stadium - CESSNOCK  
  4. Cessnock PCYC - CESSNOCK 
  5. Simply D'vine Cafe - NULKABA  
  6. Ellalong Hotel - ELLALONG  
  7. Wollombi Tavern/Hotel Bar - WOLLOMBI  
  8. Kurri Kurri Aquatics Centre - KURRI KURRI  
  9. Heddon Greta Drive In - HEDDON GRETA  
  10. Stonebridge Golf Club - CESSNOCK  
  11. Paxton Bowling Club - PAXTON  
  12. Ellalong General Store - ELLALONG  
  13. BP Service Station - STANFORD MERTHYR  
  14. Wandin Wine Bar & Diner - LOVEDALE
  15. Tuk Tuk Thai & Aussie Restaurant - GRETA 
  16. Abermain Hotel - ABERMAIN  
  17. Sammy's @ The Park - EAST BRANXTON  
  18. The Oaks Restaurant - GRETA  
  19. Bellbird Hotel - BELLBIRD  
  20. Panino Restaurant - WOLLOMBI  
  21. Crowne Plaza - Red Salt Restuarant - LOVEDALE  
  22. Mulla Villa Guesthouse - WOLLOMBI  
  23. Amanda's On The Edge - POKOLBIN  
  24. Il Cacciatore Restaurant - POKOLBIN  
  25. Ozzie Bite Take Away - WESTON  
  26. The Crib Box Cafe - BRANXTON
  27. Yee's Chinese Takeaway - BRANXTON  
  28. Buon Cibo Restaurant - POKOLBIN
  29. Kearsley Hotel - KEARSLEY  
  30. Laguna Wine Bar & General Store - LAGUNA  
  31. Emerson's Restaurant - LOVEDALE  
  32. Cafe on Cooper - CESSNOCK
  33. Denman Hotel - ABERMAIN  
  34. Villa du Pays - POKOLBIN  
  35. Bellygood - CESSNOCK
  36. Twine - POKOLBIN  
  37. Peden's Hotel - CESSNOCK  
  38. Al-Oi Thai - CESSNOCK
  39. Leaves & Fishes - LOVEDALE  
  40. Neath Hotel - NEATH  
  41. Golden Dragon - KURRI KURRI  
  42. Heddon Greta Hotel - HEDDON GRETA  
  43. Criterion Hotel - WESTON  
  44. Royal Oak Hotel - CESSNOCK  
  45. The Railway Hotel - CESSNOCK  
  46. Hong Sing Restaurant - CESSNOCK
  47. Harrigan's Irish Pub - POKOLBIN
  48. Restaurant Cuvee - POKOLBIN  
  49. Muse Restaurant & Cafe -  POKOLBIN  
  50. Branxton Fish & Chips - BRANXTON  
  51. Gourmet Pizza - CESSNOCK  
  52. Suzie's - HEDDON GRETA
  53. The Right Bite At Weston - WESTON  
  54. Leonie's Burgers & Seafood - CESSNOCK  
  55. May & Seng Chinese Takeaway - HEDDON GRETA  
  56. West End Takeaway - CESSNOCK  
  57. The Coffee Club - CESSNOCK  
  58. Peterson's Champagne House - Oyster Bar - POKOLBIN  
  59. Epicure Cafe - POKOLBIN  
  60. Grinders Expresso Bar & Flowers - CESSNOCK  
  61. Diamond Coffee & Kebabs - CESSNOCK  
  62. The Nock (Espresso Bar) - CESSNOCK  
  63. Taste of the Country - POKOLBIN  
  64. The Garden Terrace - POKOLBIN  
  65. Royal Federal Hotel - BRANXTON  
  66. Chelmsford Hotel - KURRI KURRI
  67. Indian @ Hunter - CESSNOCK  
  68. Golden Sing Chinese Restaurant - KURRI KURRI  
  69. Blue Thai Restaurant - CESSNOCK  
  70. Cypress Lakes Resort - POKOLBIN  
  71. Pipette Restaurant - POKOLBIN  
  72. Esca Restaurant - POKOLBIN 
  73. Blue Thai Kitchen - BRANXTON  
  74. The Deck Cafe - LOVEDALE  
  75. Millfield AutoPort & General Store - MILLFIELD  
  76. Crowne Plaza - Lovedale Kitchen & Bar - LOVEDALE
  77. The Lazy Chook - CESSNOCK
  78. Oishii Japanese & Thai Restaurant - POKOLBIN  
  79. Elements Bar & Dining - POKOLBIN  
  80. Two Fat Blokes Gourmet Kitchen - POKOLBIN  
  81. Bodega Bar & Grill - Cypress Lakes Resort - POKOLBIN  
  82. Hope Estate - Great Cask Hall - POKOLBIN  
  83. Regal Kurri Kurri Hotel - KURRI KURRI
  84. Abermain Bowling Club - ABERMAIN
  85. Hunters Quarters - POKOLBIN  
  86. Daniel's - CESSNOCK  
  87. Boney's Cafe - POKOLBIN
  88. The Mine Shaft Restaurant - CESSNOCK
  89. Kurri Kurri Bowling Club - STANFORD MERTHYR  
  90. Cafe Wollombi - WOLLOMBI  
  91. Miner's Lamp - Weston District Workers Club - WESTON  
  92. Shakey Tables Restaurant - ROTHBURY  
  93. Legends Restaurant and Bar - TROTHBURY
  94. Blaxlands Barn Restaurant - POKOLBIN
  95. Cafe Enzo - POKOLBIN  
  96. Pig Out Takeaway - CESSNOCK  
  97. Potters Tavern - NULKABA