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Water Pollution

Cessnock Local Government Area has numerous creeks and waterways. When it rains, stormwater can collect pollutants on the ground which enters the stormwater system and waterways. Common sources of water pollution include litter, chemicals, sediment, septic tank and agricultural runoff.   

Ways to prevent water pollution at home include:

  • Washing your car on the lawn or using a commercial carwash. Don't let detergents go down the stormwater drain;
  • Picking up rubbish around your property and street;
  • Collecting lawn clippings and leaves from the road or footpath and putting them in the green bin;
  • Putting litter and cigarette butts in the bin; and
  • Disposing of household chemicals safely ( see the CleanOut website.)
  • Maintaining your septic tank in good working order with regular maintenance and sludge pump outs.  

Ways to prevent water pollution at work include:

  • Storing liquids and chemicals under cover and in a contained area;
  • Carrying out work involving oils and fluids in a contained area;
  • Ensuring that you have approval from Hunter Water to discharge commercial or industrial waste to the sewer;
  • Maintaining all pollution control devices (for example grease traps); and
  • Implementing pollution prevention measures at building sites.  

If you would like further information or wish to report water pollution please contact Council by telephoning 4993 4100