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Scores on Doors

What is Scores on Doors?

The Scores on Doors system is designed to inform consumers about food safety performance in the food retail and foodservice sector.

How will businesses be ranked?

During the inspection, businesses are assessed against a food safety checklist and assigned a star rating reflecting their performance.

Rating Definition
The business has achieved the highest level of compliance with food safety standards.
Very Good
The business has very good food safety practices in place. Some minor areas where standards were not met will need to be addressed
The business has a good standard of food safety compliance. A number of areas, although not serious, need to be corrected.

Who will carry out the inspections?

Local Council Environmental Health Officers will conduct the inspections.

The system is built on the existing inspection regime; they will use an inspection checklist template and scoring system adopted for the entire state to achieve consistency in interpretation of inspections.

Is the system voluntary or mandatory?

Participation is voluntary for both Councils and food businesses.

Eligible food service businesses

Scores on Doors is aimed at food service businesses that process and sell food in NSW that is ready-to-eat, intended for immediate consumption, and potentially hazardous which means it may require special handling to be safe, such as temperature control. These businesses include:

  • restaurants
  • takeaways
  • pubs
  • hotels
  • cafes
  • bakeries
  • clubs

Scores on Doors is not intended for:

  • supermarkets
  • delicatessens
  • low risk food premises
  • businesses that serve pre-packaged food (eg, service stations, butchers, greengrocers, temporary markets, mobile food vending vehicles), or
  • Businesses which hold a Food Authority licence.

Further Information

Further information on the Scores on Doors program can be found on the NSW Food Authority Website. Should you wish to sign up to the program, please contact Council’s Environmental Health Team on 49 93 4100.