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Food Safety

Businesses in the Cessnock City Council area that sell, prepare, store and transport food need to comply with the food safety standards as specified in the Food Act 2003. This means that business owners and their staff are legally responsible for food safety, ensuring that the food they handle is fit for human consumption and does not cause food poisoning.

Council’s Environmental Health Officers are responsible for regularly inspecting all types of food establishments, to ensure that they are structurally sound, ensure compliance with the Food Act 2003 and to provide advice and information to business owners.


For more information on how Cessnock City Council's Environmental Health Team can help you with your query please click on the link below:

Food Complaints

Legislation, Guidelines and Codes of Practice


Council is committed to providing food business operators and their staff with training opportunities and materials which will assist them to meet regulatory requirements, and to maintain high standards of food handling practices. 

Council’s Environmental Health Officers are currently in the process of distributing a new information package to all food premises throughout the Cessnock LGA.  These packages are aimed at reinforcing the principles outlined in the Food Standards Code, and concentrate on the issues of temperature control and cleanliness within food premises.  The package, which can be downloaded below, contains templates for recording cleaning of equipment, and also for monitoring temperatures of hot and cold food storage devices. We welcome your comments and feedback on these packages.  The feeback form below can be submitted online, or posted to Council.