• Narelle Campbell named Cessnock’s Australia Day Ambassador
    Cessnock City Council is excited to announce Narelle Campbell as our 2018 Australia Day Ambassador, who will no doubt give an interesting address at our official Australia Day celebrations after leading four ‘over winter’ teams in the remote Australian Antarctic Territory.
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Rural Residential Living Guide

This Guide has been developed especially for those living on rural residential properties. It aims to bring together in one central location a range of useful information and resources to assist you to enjoy the rural lifestyle you have chosen and to achieve the personal goals you have set for your property. These could include raising livestock, keeping horses, growing your own food or recreating your own personal patch of the Australian bush. In particular, the Guide aims to assist you in ensuring that these activities complement the natural environment and community in which you live.

Living on a rural residential property is becoming an increasingly popular lifestyle choice. Being able to enjoy peace and quiet, open space and the natural environment, whilst still being close to large towns and cities are key factors driving this trend. Rural residential properties are generally considered to be those that are no less than approximately half a hectare (1 - 2 acres) in size and which are located in the urban fringe between towns and farming areas.

Moving to a rural residential property however, requires a whole new set of skills and knowledge than those needed for living in town. It often requires some understanding of how to manage weed, land, water, animal, fire and biodiversity considerations. However finding information and assistance in this regard can often be a time consuming and complex task.

This Guide therefore brings together for you a range of existing information and resources to assist in implementing activities that may be suited to your property. It will also assist in understanding and addressing the many land management issues and challenges that you may face. The resources included in the Guide have been developed by a range of government agencies, local councils, community organisations and others, however have not previously been brought together in one readily accessible location.

We hope that it will assist you in achieving your land management goals. The guide can be assessed through its website (which is updated and monitored regularly) or on disc from Cessnock City Council. For more information please call Council's Environment and Waste Department on 4993 4100.