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    Cessnock City Mayor, Councillor Bob Pynsent launched the extended Cessnock City Seniors Festival 2017 that will be held from Friday 3 March to Saturday 18 March 2017. 
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State of the Environment Report

The State of the Environment Reports contain information about the condition of the environment, pressures the environment is subject to and measures taken to reduce those pressures during the reporting period. The Reports outline what is and has been done to address adverse impacts and whether those actions are or have been successful in delivering results.

Commencing in 2011-12 the Cessnock State of Environment Report is now prepared once every four years in accordance with section 428A of the Local Goverment Act 1993 . It reports on the environmental objectives in Cessnock City Councils’ strategic documents, including the Community Strategic Plan (Cessnock 2020), and the Sustainability Action Plan (developed under the State Government’s Waste and Sustainability Improvement Payment program). Annual updates to data in this report are available to assist with the communities needs.