• Sydney Symphony Orchestra to live-stream to Cessnock Library
    Following the successful live-stream pilot of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to a number of NSW public libraries back in June, it is included in the broadcastr   will   House and State Library have joins happening again this month and Cessnock Library is once again included in the broadcast!
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East Cessnock Flying-Fox Camp Site Works

Cessnock City Council is currently implementing the East Cessnock Flying-Fox Grant Program, with funding that was secured from Local Government NSW. The grant program incorporates measures identified within Councils adopted East Cessnock Flying-Fox Camp Management Plan. 

As part of the successful grant application Council is to undertake clearing to create a consistent 10m buffer zone between the flying-fox camp and residents adjoining the camp; and to undertake re-vegetation works in appropriate locations. These works are scheduled to commence on Tuesday, 10th July 2018. This work is being completed in accordance with relevant licencing from the Office of Environment and Heritage and the Department of Industry - Lands & Water.

 The location of the proposed clearing and re-vegetation works can be viewed in Figures 1 and 2 below.

Figure 1 – Location of buffer clearing works

 Figure 2 – Location of revegetation works

The Project Manager is Council’s Assistant Strategic Planner, Hannah McCauley, who can be contacted on telephone 02 4993 4183.

Protocol for rehabilitation and rescue

If you find any orphaned or injured flying-foxes at any time during the period in which works are being undertaken please call the Hunter Wildlife Rescue on their 24 hour emergency rescue hotline 0418 628 483.