• Sydney Symphony Orchestra to live-stream to Cessnock Library
    Following the successful live-stream pilot of the Sydney Symphony Orchestra to a number of NSW public libraries back in June, it is included in the broadcastr   will   House and State Library have joins happening again this month and Cessnock Library is once again included in the broadcast!
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East Cessnock Flying-Fox Grant Program

Cessnock City Council is committed to the management of flying-foxes across the region and is pleased to announce they’ve secured a $50,000 from Local Government NSW. Council will match this funding with $50,000 of in-kind staff support, effectively making this a $100,000 project to reduce the impact of flying-foxes at the East Cessnock Camp on surrounding residents.

The aim of the grant implantation project is to reduce the impact of the flying-fox camp on surrounding residents and assets, including East Cessnock Primary School. The objectives of the project as outlined in Council’s grant application are:

  • Provide residents with support and practical solutions to better protect assets from the flying-fox camp.
  • Improve the health of vegetation within the flying-fox camp.
  • Improve community awareness and education of flying-foxes.

To achieve these objects Council will:

  • Provide subsidies for the purchase of pool, car and clothesline covers and high pressure hoses to residents who live within a 500m radius of the camp. Priority will be given to residents within 400m of the camp.
  • Carry out site maintenance including weeds removal, trimming and clearing of non-native under-story and general landscape maintenance.
  • Extend the buffer zone between the site and the adjoining residential properties.
  • Install informational signage about the grey-headed flying fox.
  • Implement an education campaign to improve community awareness of the importance of the grey-headed flying fox. 

Council would like to thank residents for their cooperation and patience; we recognise the impact the camp has on surrounding residents.