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Citizen Science

Get involved in recording & reporting on your local sightings through Citizen Science!

In the Oxford English Dictionary it defines citizen science as “scientific work undertaken by members of the general public, often in collaboration with or under the direction of professional scientists and scientific institution. In plain language, citizen science is a great way for members of the community to learn and get involved in recording and reporting on aspects of their local environment like water quality, birds, wombats, turtles, pest animals, plants, and other biodiversity conditions or sightings.

Projects Cessnock citizens can get involved with include Aussie Backyard Bird Count, Birds in Backyards, Waterwatch, WildlifeSpotter, look up local species via BioNet, and more.  Head to the Atlas of Living Australia’s BioCollect Citizen Science Project Finder to find other projects you can get involved with via your computer, or out & about on your property or in your local area.

There is a large array of apps available for Apple and Android phones and tablets available to help adults and kids learn about local species (see below), as well as games relating to species reporting (QuestaGame) and Geocaching.


Enjoy and support your local National Parks in Cessnock LGA!

Five wonderful national parks and reserve areas are available to you locally for walks and picnics to help appreciate our local environment. If you want to visit and explore a local national park, find out more through the NSW National Parks & Wildlife Service (NPWS) Visit A Park website for: 

NPWS also offer Discovery Tours with local rangers, and also WilderQuest school holiday programs in the Hunter region. One of the wonderful tours in the LGA you can do is to visit the National Estate registered Bow Wow Creek Gorge.

The Bow Wow Creek Gorge is located at Mt Vincent, on privately owned land. The Gorge has significant geological and ecological features and provides habitat for a number of threatened flora and fauna species and endangered ecological communities. The Bow Wow Creek Gorge is protected by Federal, State and Local Government legislation, is undergoing restorative work and is not open to the public. Each year the NPWS conducts a Discovery Tour through the Bow Wow Creek Gorge with emphasis on bird activity in spring, usually the second Sunday in October.


Hunter Region Ecology and Flora (plants) – the Hunter Region Botanic Gardens website provides an introduction to the vegetation of the Hunter Valley and the regional rare plants database, as well as a unique opportunity to visit and learn at the Gardens at Heatherbrae. Head to their website for further information, and also to find out how to visit these wonderful gardens.

Native Animal Trust Fund Wildlife Rescue Service (NATF) – This community-based organisation in the Hunter Region that provides vital 24 hour rescue service to sick and injured native fauna. Please contact NATF's emergency hotline on 0418 628 483 to contact a volunteer about sick and injured wildlife. For more information and how to volunteer with NATF, go to

Australian Museum – The Australian Museum in Sydney has a vast amount of information on different animal groups occurring in Australasia available online via the Animals section of their website, and schools a can also borrow their Museum In A Box collection to help learn about science and their local environment.