• Planning for the future of Heddon Greta
    Cessnock City Council will investigate the opportunity for better strategic planning in the expanding suburb of Heddon Greta, as the area continues experience growth at a rapid pace.
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Cessnock LGA Traffic and Transport Strategy 2018

The Cessnock LGA Traffic and Transport Strategy (The Strategy) was adopted by Council at its Ordinary Meeting held 19 September 2018.  

The Strategy sets a 30-year vision and builds upon the local priorities that will contribute to the Federal and State governments’ objectives, as stated in the Future Transport Strategy 2056 and the Greater Newcastle Metropolitan Plan 2036 of corridor improvements to deliver greater journey time saving and road safety outcomes, and to fund projects that better connect local and regional roads to state highways and key freight hubs.  

The Strategy does not attempt to resolve all the traffic and transport issues in the Cessnock LGA, instead it provides a strategic framework to determine the priority needs and issues to assist in long term planning for traffic and transport.

Cessnock LGA Traffic and Transport Plan 2018