Abandoned trolley folly: Who is responsible?

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing an abandoned trolley dumped on a footpath, in a park or in car park.

There is nothing more disappointing than seeing an abandoned trolley dumped on a footpath, in a park or in car park.

Unfortunately a dumped trolley is a sight we see all too often around our beautiful local government area.  Not only is it an eye sore but a public hazard for pedestrians and motorists, they are also often used as tools for vandalising public spaces.  

Cessnock City Council is calling on large retailers and community members to do their bit in minimising the number of trolleys being left unattended.  

Cessnock City Council’s, Ranger Team Leader, Kurt Livens said a collective effort is needed to reduce the number of trolleys being discarded.  

“There appears to be a misconception in the community that it is solely the responsibility of Council to retrieve abandoned trolleys. It is actually the retailers who need to provide adequate drop off points and must also take responsibility for wayward trolleys.”  

While Council is not directly responsible for the collection of trolleys, staff do work closely with organisations such as Trolley Tracker in order to reduce the problem.  

Project Manager for Trolley Tracker NSW, Lyn Hall said for 21 years Trolley Tracker has provided councils and residents with a quick and easy way to report Woolworths, BIG W and Dan Murphy’s shopping trolleys for collection.  

“We support Cessnock City Council in its goal to ensure every resident understands how important it is for all trolleys to be returned to the trolley bays where they belong.”  

Trolley Tracker also provides an incentive for residents to make a report, as once the report is received they enter the draw to win one of the five $1,000 gift card rewards offered every month.  

To make a report to Trolley Tracker you can do so on the app , which can be downloaded from the App Store or call 1800 641 497. The information will be sent immediately as a text message to the appropriate collector who will pick it up and return it to its rightful place.  

For any Coles Trolleys dial 1800 TROLLEY (1800 876 553) or download the free Trolley Collect App.  

Residents are reminded Council Rangers can issue on the spot fines to those leaving an abandoned shopping trolley in a public place as set out in Section 32 of the Impounding Act.