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Copyright Notice and Disclaimer

In accordance with Council’s Code of Meeting Practice, Council meetings are recorded and the audio is later webcast via Council’s website.  The entire chamber is included in the audio recordings and visitors in the gallery may have their voice captured and webcast.  

By attending a Council meeting, you consent to your speech or other personal information being captured, recorded and webcast.    For this reason any opinions expressed or statements made by individual persons during the course of this meeting are the opinions or statements of those individual persons and are not opinions or statements of Council.  

All persons should refrain from making any defamatory remarks. Council accepts no liability for any defamatory remarks made during the course of the Council meeting.   Furthermore, all persons should refrain from making public comments about another individual without seeking the consent of that individual beforehand.”

The audio recordings of Council Meetings and the official minutes are protected by copyright owned by Council and no part thereof may be copied or recorded or made available to others without the prior written consent of Council.

These recordings are not, and shall not, be taken to be an official record of Council or of any meeting or discussion depicted therein. Only the official minutes constitute an official record of the meeting. Confidential Meetings will not be webcast. Audio recordings will be archived by Council for no less than 12 months.

Ordinary Meeting Agendas

Note: All Agendas are pdf documents and will require the use of Adobe reader for viewing.Please refer to the Enclosure document for all attachments instead of the hyperlinks within the Agenda document.

Agenda Enclosure
 21 August 2019 21 August 2019 
 7 August 2019  2 August 2019
   Greta Central Park Masterplan
   Greta Central Park Masterplan Report
 Late Mayoral Minute No. 12/2019  
 17 July 2019 17 July 2019
 Supp Report MM11/2019 - NSW ICC T20 World Cup 2020 Legacy Fund - 3/7/2019  
 3 July 2019  3 July 2019
Extra Ordinary 1 July 2019  
 19 June 2019 19 June 2019
  Operational Plan 2019-20
  Branxton Town Centre - Draft Public Domain Plan
 5 June 2019 5 June 2019
 15 May 2019 15 May 2019 
 Late Mayoral Minute 8/2019   
 1 May 2019 1 May 2019
  Draft Fees & Charges
  Draft 2019-20 Operational Plan
 17 April 2019  17 April 2019
 Extra Ordinary 10 April 2019  
 3 April 2019 3 April 2019 
  Cessnock Local Government Cemeteries Masterplan
 20 March 2019 20 March 2019 
  Greta Flood Study Vol 1
  Greta Flood Study Vol 2
  Wallis Creek Flood Study Vol 1
  Wallis Creek Flood Study Vol 2
   6 March 2019   6 March 2019
 20 February 2019 20 February 2019
  CC10/2019 - Draft Code of Meeting Practice
  CC11/2019 - Draft Code of Conduct
  CC11/2019 - Draft Code of Conduct Procedures
  Deferred PE 2/2019 Preliminary Site Investigation
  Deferred PE2/2019 Remediation Action Plan
Updated Supplementary 20 February 2019  
 6 February 2019  6 February 2019
   PE2/2019 Preliminary Site Investigation
   PE2/2019 Remediation Action Plan
   PE3/2019 Cessnock City Heritage Study
   PE3/2019 City Wide Heritage Planning Proposal
   WI2/2019 CCC Cemeteries Masterplan
   WI2/2019 CCC Cemeteries Engagement Report

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