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Council Crest and Logo

Council's Crest

The Crest of Cessnock City Council belongs to the City and is used for formal matters. With Council's written approval it may be used by organisations.

The Latin motto on the Crest, "Vesigia Nulla Retrorsum" means "No Steps Backward".

Images on the Crest depict coal mining, viticulture, grazing and pastoral. 

Council's Logo

The Cessnock City Council logo is the corporate symbol or brand of Council and is used on all Council stationery, vehicles and signage.

The three 'C's' stand for Cessnock City Council but also indicate the hoops of a wine barrel. They reflect growth towards the future, whilst tradition is anchored in the earth – our mining heritage. The circle is a symbol of the community and the whole arrangement of the logo indicates diversity whilst reflecting a strong community bond.

Permission from the Council must be granted prior to the use of this logo in any format.