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Mayor's Message

The Mayor of the City of Cessnock, Councillor Bob Pynsent, Inaugural Speech

Welcome… Councillors, General Manager, Management and the community

It is a great honour to be elected Mayor of this great City.

We recognise the former Mayor, Alison Davey and Councillors in recognition of their work for the Local Government Area over the last 4 years.

I would like to acknowledge a former Mayor, John Clarence and previous Councillors who are in the gallery as well as family and supporters of each Councillor who was elected. 

This is where the hard work begins….. the people of the LGA have voted for change and it is up to this Council to deliver over the next 4 years.

The mandate of this new Council is to improve roads, prepare for an increase in housing, focus on economic development to create jobs…a top priority for our Council and critical to the life of our City focus on the social strength of our community ensuring that we as a Council are an effective caretaker for the whole LGA.

Ensure community events, celebrations and public amenities remain vibrant, these are critical in providing energy and excitement that make our City such a wonderful place to live, work and visit.

What makes a great city? A great city knows that good business is environmentally responsible business. Good development is environmentally responsible development. A great city recognises that environmental stewardship and economic vitality go hand in hand. It's just good business sense.

You know, maybe the question is not just what makes a great city, but who makes a great city. And the answer is... our community and… we all do.

Exciting opportunities lie in the future with the completion of Hunter Expressway and the development of Huntlee new town at Branxton. We need to match this growth with reinvesting in its built infrastructure to support our community. The Hunter Expressway will bring increased housing demand in Heddon Greta, Cliftleigh, Greta and Branxton. It is important that this Council has the strategic plans in place to cater for the change in road use, shopping centres, and the many services that Cessnock City Council provides.

The 2007 storm with subsequent flooding had catastrophic effects on Weston, Abermain, South Cessnock and Wollombi. We need to complete the relevant risk management studies, seek government funding to take up the recommendations.

In closing, our City is a great City, and I look forward to 4 years of working with the community, with the co-operation from every Councillor and senior staff… together we can address the challenges that face our City and to serve this LGA for the positive outcome for the wider Cessnock community…. our LGA.

I will close with the following quote: 

‘Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm’.

    Ralph Waldo Emerson