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One-On-One Support

Need some support?

As well as the drop in service and community based activities CYCOS offers one-to-one support for young people who need assistance including:

  • referrals to services
  • assistance with employment, education, health or legal issues.
  • assistance with homework
  • assistance to update resumes
  • court support
  • a space to chat

If you would like to meet with the youth workers for assistance in a private, consultation, please contact us to make any appointment by emailing the co-ordinator on or contacting us by phone on 4993 4356.

Please note, all staff have a responsibility to recognize and report any signs of a young person being harmed or is at risk of harm. As Mandatory reporters, CYCOS staff have a responsibility to report these incidences to the Family and Community Services (FACS) Child Protection Helpline.