Pool Entry

All season passes can be purchased from Cessnock City Council Admin building or from your local facility once the season has started.

Our Pool season will commence Saturday 29/9/2018

Please note the changes to our memberships for the 2018/19 season:
There will no longer be a 3 month pass upfront or direct debit.

You will still be able to purchase a full season pass either paid upfront or weekly direct debit.

This season we have introduced a weekly direct debit that you will be able to take up at any time of the season.

All direct debit memberships attract a $1.50 Transaction Fee per transaction.

Membership Application Form PDF
Membership Application Form DOCX

Pool Entry Costs

Single Entry Cost:

Family: $14.00
Adult: $4.50
Spectator: $2.40                   

Season Tickets:

Family: $373.00
Single: $207.00

Full Season Weekly direct debit:
must be purchased by 12/10/2018
Family: $15.54
Couple: $12.38
Single: $9.27
Weekly Direct Debit (after 12/10/2018)  Family: $18.00
Couple: $14.00
Single: $10.00
20 x  Entry Pass:  $75.00
Replacement Pass:  $5.00
Booking Fee - Carnival/Fun Day   $123.00