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Local Traffic Committee

Cessnock Local Traffic Committee

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) has delegated installation of certain traffic control devices on Regional and Local roads to the Councils of NSW.  Matters relating to state roads or functions that have not been delegated to Council’s must be referred directly to the RMS.

To exercise its delegation, Council is required to have a Local Traffic Committee and to refer relevant traffic control matters to the Committee.  Rather than having decision-making powers, the Committee is primarily a technical review committee. It advises Council on matters for which the Council has delegated authority to make decisions on, such as parking and traffic management.

Council is not bound by the advice given by the committee, however, if Council does wish to act contrary to the unanimous advice of the committee or when the advice is not unanimous, it must notify the RMS and the NSW Police and wait 14 days before proceeding.

The Committee, chaired by a Councillor, is also made up of local representatives from NSW Police, RMS as well as the State Member.  Technical advice is provided by attendees including Council traffic and transport professionals and transport providers.

The Committee considers reports investigated and prepared by Council Officers and makes recommendations to Council on the installation of regulatory traffic control devices on Regional and Local roads that are enforceable by NSW Police.  

The Committee has no powers or delegation to act on illegal driver behaviour or non-compliance with road rules such as speeding, hooning or use of unregistered vehicles.  These matters should be reported directly to NSW Police.  


Further Information

Should you have any other traffic queries please contact Council's Customer Service Officers on (02) 4993 4100.