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    Can you hear those sleigh bells jingling? Cessnock City Council’s CAROLS IN THE PARK 2018 is set to go off with a big bang on Friday 7 December 2018 at Cessnock Sportsground from 5:30pm.  
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Cessnock City Council (CCC) is responsible for seventy four (74) vehicular bridges and fifty nine (59) major culverts across the Local Government Area.   

Bridges are an integral part of the roads and transport network.  They connect many pedestrian, bike and vehicle paths.  

The 74 bridges fall into three categories. These are:  

Major bridges: bridges and other suspended structures, such as suspended decks and ramps.

Major culverts: stormwater culverts.

Minor structures: bridges, culverts and other suspended structures that are generally minor in dimension, and may cover boardwalks and stairways, with a cross-sectional area of less than three square metres spanned by the structure.

There are also other bridges, culverts and suspended structures within Cessnock Local Government Area whose maintenance responsibility lies with other agencies.

Of the bridges, 57% or 42 bridges are timber.

Following extensive inspections and analysis of a number of bridges within the municipality, Council has implemented load limits on 15 bridges and culverts for the safety of residents and visitors.  The following bridges have tonnage restrictions in place.

Asset Name Segment/Group Name Level 3 Load Limit
Bellbird Abbotsford Bridge CLOSED
Quorrobolong Fosters Bridge 20t
Laguna Milson Arm Bridge 15t
Paynes Crossing Paynes Crossing Bridge  6t
Greta Hunter Street Bridge 3t
Greta Anvil Creek Bridge Single Axle - 7t
Tandem Axle - 13t
Tri-Axle - 16t
Rothbury Wilderness Road #2 Bridge 15t
Henderson Avenue Bridge Henderson Avenue, CESSNOCK 14t 
Kline Street Bridge  Kline Street, WESTON  14t
Westcott Street Bridge  Westcott Street, CESSNOCK 12t
Doyle Street Bridge  Doyle Street, CESSNOCK  14t 
Ferguson Street Bridge  Ferguson Street, CESSNOCK  15t 
Bathurst Street Bridge Bathurst Street, ABERMAIN 18t 
Sandy Creek Rd #4 Culvert  Sandy Creek Road, QUORROBOLONG  15t 
Whitebridge Road Culvert  Whitebridge Road, MULBRING  6t 

Load limits are placed on roads and bridges to limit use by vehicles over a certain tonnage to help preserve structural integrity.

Understanding Per Axle Load Limit Signage 

When required Council engage external specialist bridge consulting engineers, to undertake Level 3 bridge inspections with load capacity assessments. These assessments provide a more detailed assessment of the structural components of the bridge and identify the need or otherwise for load limits to be imposed. When Council receives advice from the consultant indicating the requirement of a load limit on any bridge, the load limit signage will be installed as soon as possible, and residents notified by mail.  

These inspections are used to inform the bridge maintenance program (heavy maintenance) and for identification and prioritisation of Council’s Bridge Construction Program.