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Social and Cultural Planning

‘Places, Spaces and Faces - The Social and Cultural Plan 2009-2014 for the Cessnock Local Government Area’ has expired.

The aim of the Plan was to provide Council and the community with strategic direction in how it could further develop cultural and social services within the Local Government Area.

In summary, Council was tasked with implementing 117 strategies. Council at its meeting on the 15 July 2015 was provided with a report to inform on the outcomes of the Plan.

Throughout the life of the Plan there have been a number of highlights. These include:-

  • In 2013, Council’s youth service ‘CYCOS’ commenced Outreach Youth Centre activities targeted to the Greta/Branxton communities.  The outreach service continues today. 
  • Implementation and evaluation of all eight crime prevention strategies. The Department of Justice and Attorney General awarded Council with grant funding ($50,000) for two crime prevention by environmental design projects. 
  • Adoption and implementation of the Cessnock Development Control Plan, Part C: General Guidelines, Chapter 8 ‘Social Impact Assessment and Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Guidelines for a Proposed Development’.  The purpose of this Chapter is to ensure that social impacts and crime prevention through environmental design principles are considered and integrated at the earliest stage of preparing a Development Proposal.  
  • Celebratory Weeks, for instance Youth Week, Seniors Week and NAIDOC Week continue to offer a diverse calendar of events and the number of activities continues to grow each year.  In 2014, Council was the winner of a Local Government Youth Week Award for “Council with the Most Innovative Youth Week Program in 2014”.  
  • April’s Fool, (written by David Burton) was delivered to high schools within the Cessnock LGA.  The theatre performance had a focus on the dangers of alcohol and illicit drug use.  In total, 1,065 students, teachers and parents attended an April’s Fool performance.  In 2012, Council was awarded an Arts and Cultural Award (category ‘Participation in the Arts, Performing Arts’) from the Local Government and Shires Association for the project.  
  • Adoption of the Cessnock Library Review, Report and Strategy 2014-2024.  The document lists goals and strategies that support continued excellence in the delivery of programs which match the needs of library users and future communities.  
  • Delivery of service development initiatives targeted to both the community and arts sectors.  Throughout the life of the Plan, education sessions were held for a range of topics and included introduction to Census data; social enterprise for the community service sector; grant writing; service planning for a growth population and in 2010 a symposium was held with local services encouraging innovative practice and partnerships.  
  • A ‘What’s On Calendar’ was developed and is hosted on the Cessnock City Council website.  
  • In 2014, Council adopted the Discussion Paper entitled ‘Early Childhood Care and Pre School Services: An Analysis of Current and Future Needs within the Cessnock LGA’.    
  • In 2014, Council adopted the Discussion Paper entitled ‘The Provision of Residential Aged Care Services and Care Packages within the Cessnock LGA’.   
  • Increased engagement with people who identify as Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander.  Examples of initiatives include the development of the Aboriginal Advisory Committee, drafting of the Reconciliation Action Plan and an increased, diverse calendar of events celebrating NAIDOC Week.

The Social and Cultural Plan can be viewed in chapters by clicking on the links below. 

For more information regarding the Social and Cultural Plan please contact Council’s Principal Community Planner on 4993 4300.