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Dollar for Dollar Grants

Cessnock City Council believes strongly in investment in community, demonstrated through participation in community, cultural and environmental activities, support of local business and preservation of heritage. Council aims to draw on these strengths and provides the support which will help them flourish and grow.

Council has a number of grants which provide funding across a range of activities encompassing community, cultural, environmental and economic. The funding and support provided through these programs supports a diverse range of services and projects that directly benefit the Local Government Area.

The provision of grants are also a mechanism for Council to further the aims identified in social, economic, environmental and cultural policies; applications are assessed against these policies and against broad Council objectives and plans.

Grants are defined as funds given to organisations to assist with the services or projects which they provide, where the Council only receives acknowledgement as the grant giver.

Dollar for Dollar Grants administered by Cessnock City Council

  • Community Facilities Dollar for Dollar Grant Scheme
  • Sporting Facilities and Equipment Dollar for Dollar Grant Scheme
  • Community Cultural Development Dollar for Dollar Grant Scheme

The Community Facilities Dollar for Dollar Grant Scheme is aimed at assisting Community Facility Management Committees and associated facility user groups in developing Council’s general purpose community assets and their environs. The intention of the grant scheme is to assist in completing minor capital works and the purchase of equipment for Council’s community assets and to subsequently improve the utilisation of the facilities by user groups and the general public. The target facilities are Council community halls and buildings which cater for a broad range of users including, but not limited to, the management committees, playgroups, community support providers, indoor sporting and recreation, art and cultural activities.

Community Facilities Dollar for Dollar Scheme  

Applications now open  

  • Projects are considered purely on a maximum dollar for dollar basis
  • Applicants must be incorporated and have an ABN
  • All works must be carried out on Council owned or managed land
  • All grants are subject to other relevant approvals and conditions (e.g. Development Applications/Construction Certificates)
  • All applications are to include quotations from reputable contractors and suppliers.

$ for $ Community Facilities Grant 2016 - Application Form and Guidelines

Sporting Facilities and Equipment Dollar for Dollar Scheme    

Applications now open 

The Sporting Facilities and Equipment Dollar for Dollar Grant Scheme targets local sporting and community groups whose projects aim to improve or refurbish Council owned sporting facilities as well as purchase of equipment, which has long term benefits to the club and Council.

  • Contributes to identified capital works for Council owned community facilities.
  • Addressing short to long term safety issues.
  • Significance or benefit to the operations of the facility and user groups.
  • Provides the opportunity for increased use for the general public and community based organisations.

$ for $ Sporting Facilities and Equipment Grant 2016 - Application Form and Guidelines

Community Cultural Development Dollar for Dollar Grant Program 

Applications now closed

Local community based organisations involved in arts and cultural activities within the Cessnock Local Government Area (LGA) are invited to apply to Council’s Community Cultural Development $ for $ Grants Program. Applications may be for funding assistance for specific arts/cultural projects and/or facilities improvements. 

Applications will be accepted from organisations based outside the Cessnock LGA for projects of benefit to residents of the Cessnock LGA, but those organisations should note that priority will be given to applications from organisations based within the Cessnock LGA.

Grants will be provided on a $ for $ basis, that is, up to a maximum of 50% of the cost of the project or improvements to facilities. Council will assess applications and allocate grants in line with the preset guidelines which are contained within the application form. 

$ for $ Community Cultural Development  Grant 2016 - Application Form and Guidelines

Application forms and grant guidelines are also available from the Cessnock and Kurri Kurri Libraries, and Councils's Customer Service Counter, 62 – 78 Vincent Street, Cessnock. 

Advertisements are placed in local newspapers calling for applications.

If you require further information about the Dollar for Dollar grants please contact

Community & Cultural Development Grants - Jo Miller E  

Sporting Facilities & Equipment and the Community Facilities Grants - Kate Hicks E