• Draft Climate Change Policy to go on public exhibition
    In an effort to address the changing climate affecting the Cessnock Local Government Area, Council has developed a draft Climate Change Policy. The community are encouraged to provide feedback on the Policy during the public exhibition period. The draft Climate Change Policy will be on public exhibition from the 26 February until the 25 March 2020. 
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Grants and Sponsorships

Community Grants and Funding Assistance

Is your community group keen to access grants funding but don’t know where to start?

Firstly, is your group:

  • Incorporated, Not-for-profit or has at least an ABN?
  • not wanting to apply for operational costs or retrospective funding?

Secondly, does it have:

  • a clearly defined project that results in wide community outcomes?
  • a project manager and the capacity and resources to deliver (human, capital or financial)?
  • permission from the landowner?
  • a clearly scoped project with quotations, costings and  strategic alignment?
  •  a project with a clear start date and end date?

Thirdly, has your group: 

  • determined the level of in kind or financial support provided in house?

Once you have determined the above you may wish to use the following resources below to seek funding.



Tools to find funding:

Community Builders NSW:  An interactive online hub for everyone involved in community level social, economic and environmental change. This website provides the opportunity to explore insights in engaging, building and strengthening communities including a searchable grants database.

Federal Grants: A guide to grants available from Commonwealth Government agencies, as well as state and territory governments, can be found through

Grant Guru Community: Searchable listing of Australian-wide grants and programs for Community Organisations. 

The Funding Centre: A subscription service from Our Community to provide information on grant opportunities to community groups.

Cessnock City Council is not affiliated with the above sources.

Is your business keen to access grants funding?

Generally the government doesn’t offer funding just to start a business. Instead, try searching for activities such as research and development, trade, indigenous business, innovation or employment. There’s also assistance available for businesses in the form of networking, mentoring, training and education, loans, disaster relief and much more. It is important to be aware that the private sector will not be eligible for the majority of grants that are available. There are a few exceptions, but where businesses can apply it usually is for capacity building projects to benefit a collective of business or industry or to grow economic development outcomes such as job creation or innovation. If your business needs assistance, please call to discuss or seek support through our Business website:

Council Funded Grants - Dollar for Dollar

Council has a number of grants and a sponsorship program which provide funding across a range of activities encompassing community, cultural, environmental and economic. The funding and support provided through these programs supports a diverse range of services and projects that directly benefit the Local Government Area. Click the link below for more information about the Council Dollar for Dollar Grants.

Click for More Information about these Council Funded Grants

Club Grants                                                  

(Formally Community Development Support Scheme Expenditure Fund (CDSE) Grant)

Organisations operating or planning community welfare, community development, community health and employment assistance activities are able to apply for funding under the Club Grants Scheme.

More Information about this Grant