Feedback sought on future of a bus shelter at Ellalong

Option 1 – Informal Hail and Ride Bus Service  

Rather than spend in excess of $46,000 to replace the low usage shelter on Helena Street, Council could allow the length of Helena Street to operate as an informal bus stop, which is known as a hail and ride bus stop. Instead of being restricted to a single site, hail and ride services generally pick-up and set-down passengers closer to their requested location, subject to safety considerations as depicted in Figures 1 & 2 below.   

A major advantage of the hail and ride option is that we can avoid the mandatory loss of parking spaces (30 metres) that accompanies a permanent bus stop.  The residents of Helena Street who reside within 20 metres of the approach and 10 metres of the departure of the existing bus stop would be able to lawfully park in front of their homes, a practice that is currently illegal.  

Transport for NSW, which is the ultimate body for approval of bus routes, recognises and endorses the operation of hail and ride mode bus services in regional NSW.  

Figure 1 Hail and Ride – Getting on

Figure 2 Hail and Ride – Getting Off

Option 2 – Replacement Shelter west of existing bus stop

An alternative option is that Council investigate the installation of a new DSAPT compliant bus shelter on the subject bus route, on Sanctuary Road, just west of Truro Street, as depicted in Figures 3 & 4 below.  

A new shelter at this location, which is more amenable to achieving disability standards compliance, could be achieved at a cost of approximately $25,000, including rehabilitation of the previous shelter site.   
The mandatory loss of parking space (30 metres) that accompanies a permanent bus stop would have a minimal impact on residents as there are currently no dwellings across the proposed frontage.

Figure 3 – New DSAPT Compliant Bus Shelter – west of Truro Street (concept only)

Figure 4 – Approximate site for DSAPT Compliant Bus Shelter – west of Truro Street

Option 3 – Install a new DSAPT Compliant Bus Shelter at the existing Bus Stop on Helena Street

As depicted in Figure 5 below the current bus stop on Helena Street presents many challenges in rendering it compliant with disability standards due to insufficient level ground (beside the position a stationary bus would occupy) to accommodate the larger boarding platform, mandated by the standard design for a bus stop and shelter.   During stakeholder consultations the Work Health & Safety Manager of Rover Coaches identified a number of issues with the existing bus stop location on Helena Street, which from a Work Health & Safety perspective, he considers makes the site unserviceable in its current form:  

  • Unformed road edge;
  • Insufficient room for the bus to leave the travel lane;
  • Poor pedestrian access due to the slope away from the road.  

These identified site constraints can be overcame with appropriate engineering treatments.  A compliant bus shelter can be installed at the site at an estimated cost of $46,200.   

Figure 5 – Existing Helena Street Bus Stop with Previously Existing Shelter