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Operate & Construct Waste Resource Recovery Kurri Kurri





Construct and Operate Waste Resource Recovery and Transfer Centre Processing Green & Associated Waste Comprising of Site Office, Weighbridge, Hard Stand Areas and Associated Noise Barriers, Parking and Landscaping  


LOT: 2 DP: 1128108, LOT: 3 DP: 1128108, LOT: 4 DP: 1128108 2 Styles Street KURRI KURRI, 4 Styles Street KURRI KURRI, 6 Styles Street KURRI KURRI  


Australian Native Landscapes Pty Ltd  

APPLICATION NO.:             



Cessnock City Council  

Council is in receipt of a Development Application for the abovementioned property.


Lodgement Plans:

Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Due diligence Assessment:

Air Quality Impact Assessment:

Application Form - Redacted:

Bushfire Assessment Report:

Environmental Impact Assessment:

Environmental Impact Assessment - Soil & Water:

Location Map:

Noise & Impact Assessment:

Notification & Maps:

Notification Plan:

Traffic & Transport assessment:

Waste Management Plan:  

The Development Application including the Environmental Impact Statement and accompanying documents may be inspected during normal office hours (between 23 November 2016 and 23 December 2016 inclusive) at Council’s Customer Services Counter at 62-78 Vincent Street, Cessnock, the office of the NSW Department of Planning and Infrastructure at Price Waterhouse Coopers Centre, Level 2, 26 Honeysuckle Drive, Newcastle, the Kurri Kurri Library in Lang Street, Kurri Kurri and Cessnock Library in Vincent Street, Cessnock.  

All comments or objections should be made in writing and addressed to the General Manager within the notification period commencing on 23 November 2016 and finishing on 23 December 2016 (inclusive).  

The proposed development is Designated Development as defined under Schedule 3 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Regulation 2000 and also constitutes Integrated Development under Section 91 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979.  This means that additional approvals, required under other legislation, are being considered as part of the current Development Application.  The other approvals are as follows:  

                                      Additional Approvals Required as an Integrated Development
                        Type of Approval                                                          Approval Agency

Environment Protection Licence(section 43(a)         NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA)

of the Protection of the Environment Operations                                                                                       

Act 1997

Controlled Activity Approval (Section 91 of the                        NSW Office of Water

Water Mangement Act 2000)


Additional Approvals Required as an Integrated Development Type of Approval Approval Agency Environment Protection Licence (Section 43(a) of the Protection of the Environment Operations Act 1997) NSW Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) Controlled Activity Approval (Section 91 of the Water Management Act 2000) NSW Office of Water  

Any person may, during the exhibition period, make a submission in writing to Council in relation to the Development Application.  Where a submission is made by way of an objection, the grounds for objection must be clearly specified.  The views expressed in written submissions will be considered by Council before a determination is made.  An acknowledgement of your submission will be made no earlier than one (1) week after the notification period ends.  

Submissions are NOT kept confidential. Council releases submissions when a request is made in accordance with privacy laws and the relevant provisions under the Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009. When a submission is released by law, Council routinely withholds contact numbers, email addresses and signatures. Should you wish for all personal details or any information that may identify you to be withheld from the public, please advise Council of this in your submission.  

Should you intend to make a submission to Council on any planning related matter, your attention is drawn to your statutory obligations under the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979 regarding disclosure of political donations and gifts.  You are required to complete a Political Donation and Gifts Declaration if you or an associate made any political donations or gifts to a Councillor or Council employee during the two (2) years prior to the submission.  Please also note that should you make a donation or gift to a Councillor or Council employee in the period between the date of your submission and the determination of the application, you are required to submit a Declaration within seven (7) days of the donation.  

Further information regarding Political Donation and Gift Declarations and the Declaration Form can be obtained from Council’s website at or from Council’s Customer Service Centre.  

Unless the proposed development is a development for which a Commission of Inquiry is held, any person who makes a submission by way of objection and who is dissatisfied with the determination of the consent authority in their granting of consent, may appeal to the Land and Environment Court under Section 98 of the Environmental Planning and Assessment Act, 1979.  

In the event that the Planning Assessment Commission conducts a review of the assessment, the Minister’s determination of the application is final and not subject to appeal.   For further information, please contact Mrs Holly Taylor of Council’s Planning and Environment Department on (02) 4993 4117    

PO BOX 152                                                                                       Stephen Glen

CESSNOCK  NSW  2325                                                                  General Manager