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Community Infrastructure Plan

2031: A Vision for the Future Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan

‘2031: A Vision for the Future, Community Infrastructure Strategic Plan’ (the Plan), was adopted by Council on the 15 June 2016.

The Plan considers the following types of community facilities:-  

  • community halls
  • multi-purpose community centres
  • youth centres
  • early childhood facilities, including preschool, child care and play group spaces
  • indoor recreation facilities
  • spaces for seniors and disability programs
  • public art gallery spaces
  • performing arts centre
  • civic centres
  • libraries
  • cultural centres
  • museums
  • residential aged care services *
  • general practitioner medical services *  

*Note: Although Council does not own such facilities, they are considered in the Plan given they are essential for the health and wellbeing of the community.

The Plan’s vision is to have strategically located, accessible, sustainable facilities that are multi-purpose in design and which are places to connect communities and promote community wellbeing and engagement.  The Plan has 23 action strategies.   To view the plan, click here.